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Who Is KishMe Productions?

KishMe Productions is the result of countless hours of music study, practice, performing and composition. Ever since Tracie composed her first piece as a young child, pretending she was a famous composer such as Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, or Bartok, she knew she would one day come back to composing. Now that she has embarked on this new avenue of music, composition, she has found her destiny and calling. Her dream to compose music, which will be appreciated by the masses, is what keeps her driven and focused. To create compositions with heartfelt meaning and passion is what gives her the desire to compose. 

Tracie uses her creative and emotional experiences to connect with her audiences to a level where you will crave more and more. As an emerging, multifaceted artist with a classical music background, who has also studied world music, one can expect a high standard of quality from the productions Tracie creates. Her versatile musical background has prepared her well for creating high standard professional music productions in almost any genre.

She holds a Bachelor of Music Degree specializing in Opera Performance as well as a Diploma in Music. She recently finished a multidisciplinary Degree from Berklee College of music specializing in Music Business and Marketing, Production, Orchestration, Composing for Film, Television, Games Audio, Advertising, Remixing, and Electronic Music. Tracie produces, directs and stars in a Musical Theatre and Operatic concert series which performs throughout Alberta and beyond. Her current projects include the launch of her new company, KishMe Productions, and a classical performance series with pianist, Caleb Kalsbeek.

Whether you are looking for musical compositions for film, tv, documentaries, advertising, gaming and everything in between, Tracie at KishMe Productions will create an emotional and imaginative musical experience. She can also provide entertaining vocal performances in Opera, Classical, Celtic, German Lieder, Italian art song, Jazz, Musical Theatre and many other musical styles.

Tracie works collaboratively with other great musical minds. Her body of works are intensely polished and bracing in their vision and scope. See what Tracie does best by hiring her to compose a professional, spectacular, and individualized composition. You will not be disappointed. You can also see at her finest by attending a performance of her singing or a performance of one of her compositions. You can listen and view her work here as well as on her many socials. 

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 "Imagination is more important than knowledge.   For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination   embraces the entire world, stimulating progress,   giving birth to evolution." 

- Albert Einstein. 

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   “Imagination is the vessel to the soul”   

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