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KISHME Productions provides diverse, dynamic, electrifying and personable musical compositions for content creators who require professional and dependable life long musical memories.


Whether you are looking for musical compositions for film, tv, documentaries, advertising, gaming, EDM and everything in between, Tracie at KishMe Productions will create an emotional and imaginative musical experience.

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“I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart's affections and the truth of the Imagination."    -  John Keats.


The following demos are from the wildly creative imagination of Tracie

                                                                     Some are for purchase from the library.

 MUSIC set to Short Films 

Intro Credits, Romance,
Comedy, Chase Music

Cops- Buster Keaton Short Film - Music by Tracie Skeet-Brook

Cops- Buster Keaton Short Film - Music by Tracie Skeet-Brook

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What we Feel Around Us - a short film - music by TRAY-C

“Music should move you in ways beyond your imagination.”

Tracie Skeet-Brook - Soprano.jpeg


Tracie Skeet-Brook


Tracie is a multifaceted, versatile composer and performer who uses her creative and emotional experiences to connect to her audiences at a high standard of professional quality, creating musical productions in almost any genre. 

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